ViTaRTE – Video Tales in music and performing arts

This student project is implemented in the context of the course “Multimedia Broadcasting Technologies in Data Networks ΙΙ” of the School of Music Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki under the supervision of Dr. Dimitrios A. Adamos.

The project implements the web publishing and network streaming of audiovisual material such as concerts, lectures and presentations that were organized in the context of educational and artistic activities of the School.

The participation of students in the working groups of the project was as follows:

2013-2015: First version

2013-2014: Anastasiadi Stella, Zioga Pelagia, Mammou Maria, Baxe Anna

2014-2015: Zikou Katerina, Koraka Andriana, Koullepou Ioanna, Kouroupakis Emmanouil, Nikouli Apostolia, Papanikolaou Valentini

Editing and Web Content management: Koraka Andriana, Koullepou Ioanna

2015-2016: Anniversary version – 30 years School of Music Studies

Videos: Mado Anastasiou, Maria Mariadou, Eirini- Chrysovalantou Meimaridou, Vasilis Mpalogiannis, Triantafyllia Stampolidou, Vasiliki Choursoutoglou.

Photos: Maria Tsikalaki

Editing and Web Content management: Mado Anastasiou, Maria Mariadou

Contact: vitarte@admin.mus.auth.gr

Kostas Gkotzias

Pournaris Argyris, Katidou Christina, Tsikalaki Maria, Fella Panagiota, Zachartzis Ioannis, Lars Mangel.