On Greek musicology: thoughts, narratives, aporias

The term “musicology” entered everyday life only recently in Greece, primarily through the establishment of university music departments; the A.U.TH. music department was in fact the first of its kind to be established in Greece, in 1985. Nevertheless, Greek musicology, in the sense of discourses about music, existed long before that, shaping the ways in which we consider and apprehend the country’s musical past. The talk aims to shed light on current ways of understanding the various aesthetic and theoretical currents that have played a role in Greek musical life (such as national schools and modernism), and on the aporias that emerge through the different  terms currently in use to describe art music in Greek. More generally, it aspires to foster an open, public discussion, on the role, methodological tools and subject matters of a discipline currently under (re)construction in Greece.

The Critical Μusic Histories study group was formed in January 2014 at the School of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, by A.U.TH. postgraduate and undergraduate students as well as recent alumni, supervised by Danae Stefanou, Assistant Professor in Historical Musicology.