Mousiko Polutropo – “Ena pouli kalo pouli…”

The words fly like birds.

Just like the melodies of the songs fill the sack of the bagpipes and jump out of it, so do the lies excite the imagination of the folk critical storyteller.

A satirical tale where the main theme is a delicious pitopouli (birdpie) and two liars who claim it, becomes once again the reason to connect speech with dance and song.

A father sends his son to the miller with a bag of wheat to grind it. With the flour they bake a pitopouli, which isn’t enough for both of them.

“Whoever says the biggest lie, he’ll eat the pitopouli” says the child.

The songs and the dances that accompany the storytelling with the main motive being the presence of birds, compose the musical tissue of the show. They originate mainly from the regions of Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus.

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