Crossroads 2011. S. Gerothanassi – Th. Trikoupis: Greek composers’ works for voice and piano

A concert of Greek Composers’ Works for voice and piano. It took place in Thessaloniki Concert Hall, in 9 June 2011, during the conference crossroads. Contributing: Stamatia Gerothanasi (soprano) and Thanasis Trikoupis (piano).

The works that presented are:

S. Samaras (1861-1917): “Berceuse”
P. Petridis (1892-1977): “Three sisters”, op 3, no. 5
L. Margaritis (1895-1953): “Κato sto gyalo” (Trad. Chios)
A. Nezeritis (1897‐1980) : “April Night”
Α. Evaggelatos (1903-1981): “Ypne pou pairneis ta paidia» (Trad.)
V. Papadimitriou (1905‐1975): “Dehsis”
Y. Constantinidis (1903‐1984): “Ta matakia sou ta mavra”, “To Eirinaki”, “mwrh kontoula lemonia”, “Extes vradyn emprovala”, “Apopse ta mesanyxta” (from 20 Greek Folksongs)

Conference program

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