Crossroads 2011. The School of Music Studies (A.U.Th.) Choir “Trisevgeni Kalokyri” – Conductor: M. E. Meligopoulou – Piano: E. Mavrou

A concert with choral works of Greek composers. The concert took place in Thessaloniki Concert Hall, in 8 June 2011. Participates the choir of the Department of Music Studies “Triseygeni Kalokyri”, under the direction of Maria-Emma Meligopoulou.

Works that presented are:

1. M. Kalomiris (1883-1962) «Νανούρισμα»
2. Th. Antoniou (b. 1935) «Στ ́ άλογα»
3. M. Theodorakis (b. 1925) «Της αγάπης Αίματα» (from Αxion Esti)
4. Y. Constantinidis (1903-1984)
«Μια Σμυρνιά στο παραθύρι» (from 8 Asia Minor Songs)
«Τι μου ‘χεις τ’ είν’ τα σου ́καμα» (from 8 Dodecanesian Songs)
5. D. Lavragas (1860-1941) «Στης εκκλησιάς τα σκαλοπάτια»
6. Traditional songs (from the Ionian Islands)
«Απόψε την κιθάρα μου»
7. T. Pappas (1926-1970) «Το Σούλι»
8. Chr. Samaras (b. 1956) «Μηλίτσα»
9. G. Sakallieros (b. 1972) «Ο πληθυντικός αριθμός»
10. L. Pappas (b. 1938) «Κάποιος γιορτάζει»
11. M. Hadjidakis (1925‐1994) «Τα παιδιά κάτω στον κάμπo»

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