Music Composition Concert, class Christos Samaras. Vasiliki Kourti – Papamoustou – Two song about love (Vafopouleio Intellectual Centre, 2011)

Vasiliki Kourti-Papamoustou
Two song about love

The musical piece “two songs about love” is based on two poetic passages of Odysseus Elytis (Monogram, 1971) and Orestis Alexakis (Seabed, 1985). These two pieces, although they deal with the same subject (love), have a confrontational content, both conceptually and musically.
The main musical material used is limited to four resonances whose succession and the processing determines the respective subsections. This differentiation, from one track to another, has the intention to underline the poetic text, without however neglects the maintenance of a relative uniformity in the whole project.

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