Music Composition Concert, class Christos Samaras. George Chlitsios – Dialogue I (2012), (Vafopouleio Intellectual Centre, 2012)

This concert took place on Tuesday 29th of May in 2012 at Vafopouleio Intellectual Centre at 9 p.m.
Music Composition’s specialization students presented their works. The students were: S. Avramidou, M. Gouvali, J. Gentzis, Th. Gougousoudis, G. Zampaklis, G. Karamitros, K. Chaliasas, V. Chatzigeorgiou, G. Chlitsios.

About the composer:

George Chlitsios studied at Continental Conservatory of Ioannina piano, advanced music theory and composition with Aspasia Zerva and Costa Kydoniati and viola with Sofokli Politi and Nick Kardari.

With a four-year scholarship from the Academy of Athens and the support of the institution ‘Tsakalof”, he completed his studies in orchestral conducting at the Music Academy of Rotterdam and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

He did his master at the London College of Music, at Thames Valley University and at the University of Surrey.

Since 1993 he is the conductor of the Symphony Orchestra & Opera Tsakalof, which has appeared in concerts throughout Greece and abroad.

He has also conducted foreign orchestras, such as the orchestra of Sofia, of Tirana, of Cairo, as well as the Athens State Orchestra.

His piece Dialogue I (2012) for flute, violoncello and piano is performed by Nafsika Tsara (flute), Victor Davaris (violoncello) and Nikos Kiriosoglou (piano).

The piece was accompanied with visual material entitled MARTYRIES. For that reason thanks were given to Magda Christopoulou for processing the visual material of Anna Maria Samara and Young Artists of Engraving Workshops, School of Visual and Applied Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, of School of Visual and Applied Arts, University of West Macedonia of Florina and of the three Workshops, School of Visual and Applied Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and University of West Macedonia of Florina.

Also, thanks to the professors Xenis Sachinis, George Tsakiris, Dimitra Siaterli and Harris Kontosfyris.

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